The day I became a Mother

The day I became a mother

there was no blood.

No mewling cries

or beeping machines

no sweaty astonished faces

shocked at the brutality of birth,

in awe of the miracle of life

We went for a walk

to a coffee shop

taking turns to carry you

in the sling

wondering if onlookers

could tell we'd just met

as we gazed,

in awe of the miracle of


Celestial Being

That throng of anemones

litters our front door

like confetti

a burst of joy suddenly here

like you

not from my womb

but from the sky,

i see all the stars

in your knowing eyes

The limed Bath stone

of our neighbourhood

surrounds us in warm honey

As the sun beats down

I kiss your fluffy head

and watch

a leaf float by in the canal

A picture perfect place in time

School run musings

Last nights rain

hanging off branches

in droplets

the birds


so loud it lifts the fog

in my head

and I stop my mindless trudge

A memory of childhood,

bird chatter is timeless


A moment of motherhood

Eyelids sting

with each heavy close

head fog


chest fizzing

wrung out

Is this it now?

And then

your small hands

reach for me

in my sick bed

fighting over who gets to

gently stroke me first


Those Two Horses

A memory from a hot September holiday in the Dordogne.

Those two horses

we passed every day

chestnut silk

not long fouls

Today stood

top and tail, twin like

in the midday heat

gently batting flies

from each others face


January sky

January sky

thick creamy white

with no horizon


the winter sleep

Gorse jewels

a reminder

of yellow,

salad days

and bronzed

warm sholders.


Tarn foot

Thick ethereal mist

resting on the rusted mountains

bare damp trees

hanging tears

of rain

suspended in time

gnarled bracken carpets

and not a soul

to be seen