As Petals Fall is me - Kate, in my little garden studio in Cornwall.

I am a textile designer with a passion for nature and sustainability. I love foraging and celebrating local and seasonal plants in my work. I create colours from foraged plants and where this is not possible I use ethically sourced extracts (plants that are not native to this part of the world like Indigo for example). I use natural fibers such as linen, cotton and silk and dye with mainly substantive dyes that are rich in tannins and don't need a mordant. I have always had a passion for textiles and I studied Textile Design at Falmouth University 10 years ago. Nature has been a constant inspiration to me in my life and textiles practice. However it is only in recent years since having children and moving back to the coast that I have explored this in such a direct way; extracting colour from plants.

Some of my favourite flora and fauna to dye with include Gorse, found in abundance on the coast of Cornwall, Alder cones, Marigold flowers I grow in my garden, Eucalyptus which grows well In Cornwall's warm climate, Avocado stones and their brilliant pink, the possibilities are endless and I am always experimenting with new dyestuff when I can. I also love dyeing with indigo and am drawn to its fascinating history and process.

Even though this is a slower way to do things I am passionate about sustainable textiles and as a craftsperson I feel more connected to the process this way. Every part of the process from start to finish is done by hand, by me and each piece is completely unique due to the intuitive organic process of plant dyeing. I dye each piece with love and care and treat them as pieces of art.

I dye bespoke fabric and ribbons for styling, events, weddings and floristry and I am currently working on my online shop to offer my first range. 

Please get in touch if you have a commission, event or collaboration in mind.

Kate x